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About CoRecover

CoRecover is a modern mental health and addictions practice providing state-of-the-art counseling, diagnosis, and treatments. We combine the best of traditional therapeutic approaches with the most current evidence-based modalities. Treatment is personalized for the individual and looks at the whole person. Our philosophy and approach to care is that mental and physical health are absolutely interconnected and the patient must be treated as a whole. We consider all aspects of health including lifestyle, sleep, exercise, nutrition, genetics, and laboratory values (including hormone levels).

Edward J. Bilotti, M.D.


Dr. Bilotti has over 20 years of practice experience. He specializes in treating patients with mental health disorders

             and addictions.

Peter Mirkin, M.D.


Dr. Peter Mirkin is a consultant and affiliated provider at Spurwink Adult Behavioral Health in Portland, and more. He 
provides treatment for patients with mental health problems and addictions.



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